What’s Piracetam Powder Actually Used For? Let Us Know More About It

piracetam cognitive enhancement

If anybody wants higher concentration, better memory, energy and focus, using nootropic is a right thing. Piracetam is the well know and most popular nootropic supplement that is available everywhere now. It gives many cognitive advantages to the users. Using a piracetam capsular or piracetam powder supplement is the personal choice.

More About Piracetam

 piracetam cognitive enhancement

Piracetam generally belongs to the Racetams class of the brain enhancing supplements. This was formulated in the year 1964 that makes it the first engineered nootropics. Piracetam is one of the oldest and most well-studied supplements that treat Alzheimer’s, dementia and dyslexia. There are many common brand names for Piracetam i.e. Lucetam, Breinox, Boost, Nootropil, and Nootropyl. Nootropics can be termed as the brain boosters that make the brain activities very efficient. They will help to modify concentration, memory, focus, brain energy and alertness. Many scientific studies are quite evident that making use of Piracetam increases the verbal learning and decreases any risks of the neurological disorders.

Piracetam Dose

Every person reacts very differently to piracetam supplement, but chemical composition will allow this drug to enter your bloodstream fast and unchanged. The peak plasma absorption among the fasting subjects will be achieved in 30 minutes. Half life for our nervous system is over 7.7 hours and 5hours for plasma. In 30 hours, piracetam will have left the bloodstream completely. The beginner piracetam dosage must involve over 1.5 to 6.5 grams daily ay ingested between one to three doses. According to certain studies, the highly effective dose for the cognitive enhancement is of 4.8 grams daily. It is recommended to take your doctor advice before starting any dose.

Piracetam Action Mode

Despite several years of study, an exact cause for piracetam cognitive enhancement still is unknown. There’re series of 4 theories:

Membrane fluidity – The piracetam supplement provides the higher membrane fluidity that enables signaling molecules that will cross rapidly. The enhanced cell signaling might lead to an improved cognitive ability.

Enhanced glutamate neurotransmission – The studies have also shown that piracetam will bind glutamate receptors for synaptic transmission

Improved protein & phospholipid synthesis

Acetylcholine neurotransmission – The studies also indicate an immediate increase in the receptor density with the use of piracetam

Piracetam Toxicity

Piracetam drug has the high toxicity level as per the research. The doses of 4.5 g per pound did not give any serious toxic effects among the animal trials. Among humans, 8g per day doses resulted in some health problems whereas reproductive studies did not prove any adverse effect for the pregnant women.

Piracetam and its Effects

Piracetam induces positive effects on the user. For that it is one common and popular nootropic. Some prominent Piracetam effects are.

Positive effects

         Boost in the energy

         Clarity of mind

         Improved focus

·         Positivity of mind

Negative Effects




Piracetam stack with the Nootropics supplements

Piracetam might help to make the nootropic stack. One may combine this with other nootropic for severe effects.

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