Try a New Approach to Addiction Recovery

Try a New Approach to Addiction Recovery

An addiction to drugs or alcohol is a very difficult problem to confront, which is why it’s necessary to seek treatment. A comprehensive treatment program often consists of detox services, which involves the use of controlled medication to help you get clean. From there, you may be eligible to participate in a number of different types of addiction treatment. Whether your specific addiction involved the use of alcohol, cocaine, opiates, meth, prescription drugs, or heroin, there are plenty of treatment options available to you at the best alcohol rehab facilities in your area. Most programs incorporate a number of therapies, such as EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, group therapy, and PTSD treatment, to ensure a more successful recovery.

Try a New Approach to Addiction Recovery

Try a Less Rigid Approach

Traditionally, most addiction treatment centers employ a philosophy of strict control and rigid daily routines to help the patients cope with cravings and withdrawal. By keeping residents occupied with structured therapy sessions and other activities, facility caregivers help ensure residents don’t have the time to think about cravings, or the opportunities to feed those cravings. While some may need this level of structure and supervision, it’s not ideal for everyone.

For others, a treatment facility that offers more flexibility may be the best approach, because it allows patients to maintain some degree of control. They feel empowered and able to have some measure of power in managing their recovery, which may be more helpful in preventing future relapses. A more flexible program allows patients to integrate their recovery into their daily lives more realistically, so returning to their lives won’t be as intimidating.

This type of program still includes many of the same types of therapy as more structured programs, but allows the patient to develop a customized schedule. In this type of setting, patients aren’t isolated from the outside world and can often keep their cell phones, laptops, and other mobile devices, as they pursue treatment. The concept that drives a facility like this is that patients will benefit from seeing what their lives will be like, once they return as a clean and sober members of society.

This type of treatment program allows patients to learn how to apply coping mechanisms in real world situations. Similarly, it gives them practical experience in identifying triggers and confronting cravings without succumbing to a destructive relapse. Developing and applying these skills to real situations provides the practical experience that raises the chances for long-term sobriety.

Holistic Lifestyle Changes Can Make a Difference

In addition to providing a more customizable recovery program, these types of facilities also recognize the benefit of changing one’s lifestyles. Embracing a healthier attitude, which isn’t necessarily limited to a healthier diet and increased physical activity, can be especially helpful in combating cravings. Instead of focusing on getting “a fix,” you can concentrate on your physical and mental health. Over time, this may help you to recover from the effects of alcohol on your body. You’ll feel better and you’ll find ways to be happy without resorting to substance use.

Caregivers will help patients learn more about meditation and other relaxation techniques, which can be important additions to your daily routine. These practices help to strengthen and focus the mind, so triggers won’t hold as much power over you. Incorporating meditation, yoga, or aromatherapy into your life won’t end with your treatment, either. These are beneficial practices that you can continue to engage in as you return to your normal routine.

Depending on the location of your treatment facility, there may be plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy the outdoors and experience a variety of activities. In addition to a fitness center, swimming pool, and social area, you may also be able to go paddle boarding or kayaking in a nearby lake. The amenities available to you will vary, based on the facility, so it’s important to look around for the best treatment center for your situation.

When it comes down to it, the real measure of a quality addiction treatment center is in its staff and caregivers. If you feel a rapport with the staff of a specific facility and they offer the types of treatment that you believe will be most beneficial to you, that may matter more than amenities. The important thing is to give yourself the best chance for recovery, so you can begin to rebuild your life. In some cases, a more flexible program is the ideal opportunity.

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