The Super Anadrol: Are the Result Real?

Super Anadrol

The Super Anadrol or Superdrol is an oral anabolic steroid that is known to improve appetite, increase strength and energy. More users are stacking up with Super Anadrol. However, this product is also known to be used in veterinary scenarios only. The effects are proven effective in animals. But is it safe to be used by humans?

The prescription-strength legal steroids such as Superdrol are always in question about its safety and legality for physical enhancement purposes. So before adding Superdrol to your cycle, take a little time to do your research. Just a few clicks on your search engine and you will find lots of information that you need for your Superdrol research.

Super Anadrol

The Benefits of Anadrol in Athletics

Anadrol is known to be a great help for athletes. It is an amazing product for nitrogen retention and weight gain. These characteristics are needed to increase bone minerals, help neutralize tissue breakdown, increase appetite, and also improves motivation and extraversion where users will be more social with other people.

There is a reason why this steroid is one of the most popular in the global sports competitions. Aside from the good things, this has also caused disqualification to some athletes, and even some medals are forfeited. This is mainly because of misusing and overusing Superdrol. Users who ingest high Superdrol daily will surely be in huge trouble.

The Safe Way to Take Super Anadrol

Usually, male athletes would dose 50 to 100 mg a day and is usually stacked up with other bulking steroids like Deca Durabolin and testosterone. Women are expected to take a much lower dose since they are more susceptible to side effects compared to men. The usual dose for women would be at 10 mg daily. The half-life of Superdrol is 9 hours so this should be taken twice a day.

Superdrol: Weight Loss or Weight Gain?

Anadrol might be related to DHT or dihydrotestosterone, but users should not think that the effect would be the same as of Primobolan, Winstrol or Anavar. When using Superdrol, you will not be able to achieve lean looking muscles even if you take higher doses. The change that you can achieve is when you try to bulk up on it.

The Side Effects of Superdrol

When using Superdrol, you will start experiencing side effects from your first dose until you are able to complete the cycle. Superdrol users may experience an increase in blood pressure which will usually lead to hypertension. A person who has a heart problem pre-Superdrol should steer clear of this product as it may worsen their case.

There are also reports of lower back cramps and pumps. A headache is also a common complaint as well as acne and edema on the face. Gynecomastia is highly possible and also liver enzyme problems. There is a long list of side effects when using Superdrol. This is why most athletes would supplement with N2Guard and Cardarine to combat these side effects.

When using steroids like Super Anadrol, never take it lightly. Always consider your options and never take side effects for granted. Make sure that you are physically healthy to take this anabolic steroid to avoid complications with any of your health issues.

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