The Best Job Interview Beauty Tips

Securing a job has become tougher than ever. Sure! There has been the launch of recruitment websites but the competition level has soared higher than ever. Since first impression counts a lot, be wary of using products that look too risqué for a job interview. Your appearance communicates key details;

which is why you shouldn’t take risks with your look and outfit when it comes to choosing them. Here are some tips which will help you look your professional best at a job interview

Lip balm/lip scrub Don’t reserve lip balms only for winter season. You can suffer from dry lips any time of the year which is why you must have at least one in your bag. I know women who keep more than 5 lip balms in their bag (counts herself in!) which have different flavour and properties. So you can afford to keep at least with you all the time. Dry and flaky lips are an unattractive sight. Ensure they are in a good condition. If they are extra dry, use a natural lip scrub to exfoliate them and get rid of dead cells. You can shop for a variety of lip balms in minutes and that too at discounted prices by making use of Jabong coupons present on

Research your company You love Red lips but you have got an interview at a bank.

Landing for an interview at a bank in red lips is a strict no. Even for corporate environment, you should stick with simple look. Think of BB cream which gives you a moderately light coverage and helps you cover your scars in a presentable manner. A lipstick which is bright yet subtle. And eyeliner application which doesn’t screams drama. How ever if you are going for a creative industry job interview, like at a Fashion magazine; you can have fun with your look. Just ensure to not go overboard.

Well groomed eyebrows Well groomed eyebrows are a must not just for job interviews but in general. They can do wonders for making your face look polished. Apart from maintaining their growth through beauty salons, you can take extra steps to not help them go astray and fill in gaps. Eyebrows powders are the easiest to work with as they are sheer in consistency and there are lesser chances of committing mistakes with them. They also blend easily.

Eyebrow pencils are also a good option but ensure they have a bit creamy consistency so that blending harsh lines is easy. You can even make use of eyebrow gels to make them stay in place. You can find a plethora of options from a range of brands online only at India’s mega online store i.e. Nykaa. These Nykaa coupons available on will help you buy them at low prices with the bonus of Cashback too.

Tone it down Apply the logic of ‘Less is more’ when it comes to wearing makeup for your job interview. Your everyday beauty routine may involve the use of concealer, highlighter, contour powder, blush, corrector, eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliner and much more. But limit these products on your D-day. Feel confident to look confident and let it reflect on your face. Put your best face forward with usage of minimal products.

Shine less No! I am not talking about your personality. I am talking about your face. This is particularly true for those who have an oily skin. Surviving the scorching heat can be tough. To prevent your face from looking like a disco ball, purchase oil blotting sheets and keep them with yourself always. Pat them on your face so that they absorb oil effectively and leave you with a less oily face. They are also great to be used before you touch-up with compact.

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