Prevent Running Injuries by Doing These 4 Exercises


Is the by far one of the most popular forms of cardiovascular activity, and for plenty of good reasons. It doesn’t have to cost anything to do, you have the freedom to constantly change the surroundings, you don’t have to rely on anyone else to do it and it’s a fun way to get healthy. These are just some of the reasons why so many people love running.

Yet, just like with any form of exercise there is always a chance of injury. However, there are plenty of great ways that you can reduce the chance of suffering from a running injury. What follows are 4exercises that you can perform that have been proven to help prevent running injuries.

Arch Raises

When running, the feet can often suffer due to the continuous impact they have with the ground. Luckily, doing this simple exercise will strengthen the foot, making it stronger and less likely to become injured. Stand barefooted on one leg. Imagine that the foot placed on the floor is a tripod. Place pressure on your big toe, your little toe and on the heel. Then scrunch up the arch of your foot. Hold this for around 30 seconds and repeat 3 times before swapping foot.


On a Downward Slope Another part of the leg that is prone to injury when running is the kneecap. The constant pressure placed upon it can cause it to weaken, which often results in injury. Here’s an exercise that targets the quadriceps, helping to ensure that the kneecap stays aligned. Stand facing down a hill or on a decline board so that your heels are elevated from the ground.

Then squat down so that you are halfway between a straight leg position and having your legs at a 90-degree bend. Then push yourself back up to the start position. Repeat this between 12-15 times for 3 sets.

Side Leg Raises

Having strong hip muscles is crucial to prevent running injuries. This is because if they are weak it forces other muscles to overcompensate and work harder than they should be doing. The result of this is usually pain along the outside of the upper leg, which can easily turn into a serious injury. To prevent this from happening here’s what you should do. Lie down on your side with both your hips and legs stacked.

Raise the top leg

Up making sure that it stays perfectly straight. Ensure that your toes are pointing inwards and towards the ground. Hold this position for around 30 seconds before releasing it. Make sure that you lower your leg to the starting position slowly. Then swap legs and repeat. Do this for 3 sets on each leg. Bodyweight Calf Raises The calf muscles are often neglected by runners.

This is generally because the calves are quite a small muscle group making them easy to forget. This is an issue as neglecting them leads them to becoming weak. Perform this simple exercise to strengthen your calf muscles and protect yourself against injury.

Place the balls of your feet

On a block or on a bottom step. Let your heels drop down as far as they can go. Next raise your heels as far from the ground as you can. Pause at the top and really squeeze the calf muscles. Then lower yourself back to the starting position. You shouldn’t rest at the starting position but should start the next rep straight away.

Repeat this until failure. You’re Good to Go Performing these exercises each week will greatly reduce the chances of sustaining an injury through running. However, if you do get an injury you should seek the advice of a doctor or pain management and injury relief specialist (PMIR) straight away. They will be able to diagnose your injury and help you to recover from it as fast as possible. This is a guest post by Lewis Mann, freelance writer and sports enthusiast. He’s sharing his health-related tips on various blogs.

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