Is Aesthetics Training A Good Option For Nurses?

Dermal filler course

The demand for aesthetic treatments has risen tremendously in the past few years. This owes to the discovery of various non-surgical cosmetic treatments which give instant results with no downtime and very few temporary side effects. Due to this rising trend of aesthetic treatments, the medical professionals are getting attracted towards the field of aesthetic treatments. In addition to medical practitioners, nurses are also entering the field of aesthetics by taking botox and dermal filler course training. There is a large number of registered nurses who are now enrolling in various cosmetic courses for training.

Nurses are a perfect fit for this field because they already possess wonderful transferable skills. What they need is only to have an aesthetic eye and a desire to do something different from their conventional nursing to kick-start their career in aesthetic treatments.

Dermal filler course

Benefits and payouts for aesthetic nurses

The nurses trained in injectable courses are expected to earn much more than what a traditional nurse earns in the medical settings. As an aesthetic nurse, you can earn on an hourly basis or on per treatment basis. Therefore, it seems to be an obvious career choice for the nurses in the UK.

The recent changes in the rules and regulations of NHS have made a huge number of nurses to divert towards aesthetic training in injectables and skin rejuvenation treatments. They are now fed up with red tape in NHS. Many nurses also feel that due to the burdensome routine of NHS their direct contact time with patients has reduced. So they want to regain their patient contact time to improve their relationship with them. They also want to get involved in clinical routine such as planning the treatments and seeing their outcomes.

There was a time when medical professionals were paid well by NHS but this is no longer the case. Especially nurses are underpaid while they have to overwork. The learning of a new skill can help the nurses to take their career in a completely different and exciting direction with a significant increase in their income stream.

By getting training in aesthetic courses for nurses, you can give a refreshing start to your career. It will give you much more control over your work timings, the contact time with your patients and how many treatments you want to perform in a week. In addition, you will also be working independently so you need to be responsible for the products and techniques that you will use to perform the treatments.

There are different working options available for nurses. If you are a registered prescriber nurse, there is no difficulty in working independently after you are done with the aesthetic course’s training. However, if you are not a prescriber nurse you need to take the assistance of qualified and registered medical practitioner or prescriber nurse to prescribe the medicine quantity as Botox is a prescription-only drug. In either case, you are in a better position to have a lucrative career in aesthetic treatments.

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