Interesting Facts About Australian Kunzea Oil

Australian Kunzea Oil

If you are fond of essential oils, you know that it can be used in aromatherapy as well as a form of alternative medicine. By definition, an essential oil is obtained through distillation having the characteristic smell of the plant from which it was extracted. There are many essential oils in Australia but perhaps the most famous is kunzea.

Here are some interesting facts about kunzea oil:

What are the common names of kunzea oil?
If you are looking for kunzea oil suppliers australia, you should first know the common names of kunzea oil. It can be called tick bush, white kunzea, Tasmanian kunzea, Ducane kunzea, and white cloud.

Australian Kunzea Oil

Where is it derived?
Kunzea oil is derived from the branches of kunzea ambigua plant. This plant is actually a part of the Myrtaceae family. It is a short shrub – about three meters in height with abundant white flowers. Kunzea plants are native to Australian coastal areas like Tasmania, Victoria, and New South Wales.

What are the benefits of kunzea oil?
Kunzea plant is the subject of many studies because of its numerous therapeutic benefits. With this, kunzea oil is listed by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). Here are the therapeutic claims of kunzea oil:
•    It can provide temporary relief from arthritis pain
•    It can relieve symptoms of flu
•    It can relieve muscle aches and pains
•    It can relieve stress, anxiety and other nervous tension

How is kunzea oil unique?
Those who do not know about the benefits of kunzea oil consider other essential oils include Eucalyptus, Lemon and Lavender. For those who know about the benefits of kunzea oil, it is time that you discover its organic composition or major constituents. The organic composition or major constituents of kunzea oil makes it unique. Major constituents are as follows:
•    52% of Alpha-pinene
•    12% of 1,8 –cineole
•    2% of alpha-terpineol
•    4.4% of bicyclogermacrene
•    7.6% of globulol
•    6.8% of viridflorol

These compounds are the most active ingredients in relieving pain. Kunzea oil works by relaxing the muscle and reducing the inflammation to alleviate the pain. It does not end there because it can also increase the blood flow to calm the nerve endings that are painful. Simply put, these compounds target the origin of the pain by penetrating the deep layers of the skin thereby promoting the body’s healing.

How to use kunzea oil?
Before using the kunzea oil, remember the following things:
• You should not take any oils internally or apply directly into the skin especially if it is

undiluted essential oils. It is crucial that you consult a qualified aromatherapy practitioner.
• Diffuse the oil at home or work if you want to relax. There’s woodsy aroma, which can help create an uplifting the environment. Read the instructions first.
• Diffuse oil if you want to purify any room from unwanted odors.
• Add the oil to your daily skin care routine; you can apply it topically to your face. This will ultimately reduce the appearance of blemishes.
• For a refreshing respiratory experience, you can apply it topically to your chest.
• You can use it to massage after a physically intense workout; this will soothe the fatigued muscles.

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