Incorporating Maca Into Your Diet For Better Health and Stamina

Incorporating Maca

If you’re like most people, you’re always on the lookout for ways to improve your diet and maintains healthy lifestyle. However, the search for better health through nutrition can be confusing at times. It seems like every week there’s a new nutrient that’s guaranteed to help you loose weight, balance hormones or some other incredible claim. One of the ‘newer’ ingredients to make the news lately is Maca powder. Would it surprise you to learn that this substance isn’t all that new? Some cultures have used it for years. Read on to learn more.

What is Maca?

Maca is a root vegetable that’s in the radish family. It’s native to the Andes Mountains. For centuries, people in the Peruvian culture used it to supplement their diet. The Incans also discovered that maca had additional properties besides nutrition and began using it to increase stamina and improve sexual virility. IN fact, it was considered a miracle cure for impotence – a sort of natural Viagra,

Although it looks like a small turnip or radish, it isn’t bitter or peppery. Instead, it ha a nutty, earthy flavor that makes it great for soups or just roasted as a side vegetable. Health and nutrition experts have learned how to capture and preserve the benefits of maca and make it available to people outside of Peru in the form of a powdered food additive.

Incorporating Maca

How Can it Help Me?

Maca is high in unique alkaloids that boost the endocrine system and help the body create and balance vital hormones. That makes maca an ideal adaptogen. In a powdered form, it is low in calories – only 10 calories per teaspoon – and contains no fat. What you will find is a natural energy booster that also contains micro-nutrients, vitamins, mineral and plant estrogen. It encourages a healthy hormone balance, relieves stress and gives you more energy. Maca is also known to help your immune system.

When you talk about superfoods, maca is near the top of the list. Each root contains 55 different phyto-chemicals, including B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, zinc and calcium. You’ll also discover 22 fatty acids, amino acid and a natural fungicide and antiseptic. For women, it relieves the symptoms of PMS and the hot flashes that accompany menopause.

How Do I Use Maca Powder?

Due to it’s natural, nut-like flavor, it tastes great in your morning cereal or smoothy. You can even add it to your favorite juice for a quick pick-me-up. It can also be added to baked goods without adding calories. All it takes is 5g of maca powder (about one rounded teaspoon) each day to give you a healthy burst of energy and improve your mood. Because it’s a powder, it’s easily absorbed and digested. Organic maca powder is even safe in high doses because it has no caffeine or harmful chemicals.

Where Can I Buy Maca Powder?

Online shopping makes it easier to obtain some of these ingredients without hunting around your local market or health food store. Simply find a reputable supplier, buy Maca powder online and have it delivered right to your door. Then you will always be sure to have a supply of high-quality, certified nutrients in your cupboard. Make sure that your source offers 100% organic, Peruvian Maca powder for the best health benefits.

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