How to Handle Your Sensitive Skin at Summer

Summer is around the corner, it’s high time for you to prepare for it. Some people start going to the gym several months before the sunny season, others start visiting tanning salons. It does not matter what your tactic is, you still need to think about shaving your legs, bikini area and armpits. If you were ‘blessed’ with sensitive skin, you would need to be extra careful with shaving to avoid irritation and in-grown hair. Keep in mind that sun and sea can irritate your sensitive skin.

You can achieve the smooth and sexy skin effect by following these simple steps: –

 Pre-shave care

Your next shave will last longer if you take care of your skin prior to shaving. Exfoliation helps getting rid of all the dead skin, thus setting free all the trapped hairs for closer shave. Use a pre-shave scrub to remove any dead skin and oils from the follicles.


Sensitive skin requires some additional care. Moisturizing will soften your skin and help you avoid any irritation. Choose moisturizers with aloe Vera, natural oils, papaya to reduce the risk of getting a razor burn. Use moisturizers after showering, this way your skin will always be soft.

Use the right tools Have you ever wondered why barber shops use brushes to apply shaving cream?

That’s because the rough brush rubs the cream into the skin for better shaving.

Razor is also important

 Get rid of all your old rusty razors that can irritate and damage your skin. Razors with moisturizing strips are great for sensitive and dry skin. These strips will soften your skin. Multiple blades razors will get rid of the smallest hairs. If you use the fresh razor every time you shave your bikini zone, you will avoid any ingrown hair and irritated skin. Going against the grain is not the best idea for the sensitive skin.

 After-shave care After-shave lotions will calm down your irritated skin and prevent any recurring in-grown hair. Try soy containing lotions that decrease the diameter of the hair.

After-shave lotions will cool and refresh your skin. –  Alternatives?

If shaving irritates your skin and causes too much trouble, switch to some alternative methods of hair removal. Try sugaring, waxing, or laser. One of these methods may be perfect for your sensitive skin.  Sugaring is one of the oldest and most natural ways to remove the hair. Sugaring is popular across the Middle East. Originally people simply mixed water, sugar and lemon to create a sticky sweet substance.

They would apply it on the hair and quickly remove it. Sugaring slower the hair growths and shrink its diameter. –  Eat healthy Vitamins, fruits and vegetables are essential building blocks of your skin.

Healthy eating habits would smoothen your skin and help you in getting rid of oily pimples. Have a bowl of salad with some grilled chicken or fish for your lunch to stay healthy.

Regular shaving is inevitable in summer. Right moisturizer and proper shaving technique will make your legs glow. After-shave treatment is essential if you want to avoid any in-grown hair. This is a guest post by Samantha Priest, an avid blogger and freelance writer, who loves writing about healthy living and giving useful advice.

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