Fusion Hair Extensions Give You Lasting Results and Natural Hair Feel

Here is a piece of good news for all the ladies who always dream of obtaining long hair to enhance their looks. With the help of a few hair extension methods like sluing, tubing, clipping, fusion bondingand sewing, etc., they can fulfill their dreams of getting long hair. Each of these hair extension methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. Your choice may depend on the factors like your lifestyle, your requirements and the budget you can incur. If you want better and long lasting results, then fusion hair extensions will be perfect for you.

Fusion Hair Extensions

What is it? As it is clear from its name, in this hair extension method, further hair are attached to your short hair after they undergo a process called fusion bonding. You get natural looking long hair as keratin protein extracted from your own natural hair is used to fuse the extensions strand by strand. Also, using bonding glue and heated adhesive stick, the weft is attached to your hair roots in this method.

Who All Should Go For It?

This hair extension technique is perfect for all those who are not comfortable with the readymade hair being clipped to their long hair. Also, those who want their artificial hair to look more natural and fear that the hair extended by other methods like clipping or tubing may fall off.

Why This Method is Preferred?

This method is one of the most preferred types because the results are long-lasting (4-6 months). If done professionally and maintained properly. The other good thing about this hair extension method is that the hair extended by this method look more natural.

What are The Two Methods of Fusion Hair Extensions?

This type of hair extensions can be cold or hot. In the hot fusion, hair extensions are attached with the help of hot glue. The results last up to 4 months. There are many who like hot fusion, but there are others who apprehend that this method may render their hair stiff.

The other hair extension method, cold fusion is designed just like hot fusion, but it has a gentle impact on your hair. A keratin-based polymer is attached to your root hair in this hair extension method. Also, as it is clear from its name, no heat is used in this method and therefore it is great for damaged and thin hair. The results may last up to six months.

Is This Method Expensive?

Since this hair extension method gives you a long-lasting result and your extended hair look more natural, you have to shell out more money for both the cold and hot fusion extensions. This method is more expensive than the other hair extension methods. You budget depends on the type of hair you choose. The different hair types include Asian, African, European, Chinese and Indian.

Experts feel that a cold fusion hair extension is better because it is gentle on your hair and give more lasting results. So, the next time you decide to have your hair extended, go for cold fusion hair extension.

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