Five Sleek Tips for Great Looking Hair and Skin

Your hair and skin are vital indicators of your overall bodily health. Any sudden change in the quality or density of your hair, or the composition of your skin, can be signs of an underlying hormonal or nutritional change, or indicators of an illness. A little nutritional and health help, on the other hand, can give you lustrous locks and shining cheeks in no time.

Don’t wash your hair too often Your hair produces natural oils

Which keep it clean and give it its luster and shine. If you wash it every day, you’ll keep it free from the accumulations of dirt you build up in the course of normal living (exhaust fumes, perfumes and so on) – but you’ll also rob it of its own maintaining compounds. For locks that look naturally beautiful and healthy, you should wash at a maximum of every other day. Be sure to use shampoo and conditioner that are free from parabens and other nasties, and which match the oily/dry/color/thickness ratio of your natural hair.

Don’t brush wet hair When you brush wet hair

you stretch and break it without knowing. If you buy into the myth that regular hair brushing makes your locks smoother – stop. The more you brush, the more you break. Rely on a good washing and conditioning regime (see above) and proper drying (see below) to keep your hair free from a halo of broken ends or frizzy bits.

Get natural skin back

Forget chemicals, or preparations packed with secret ingredient. Your best bet for glowing healthy skin is to ditch the complicated compounds and keep it natural. Look for cleansers that are non-detergent, and contain as many cleaners of natural origin as they can. You’ll find plenty of coconut milk derivatives in gentle cleaners, or fruit derivatives. Look for the prefixes of the long chemical names (even natural cleansers have chemicals in) – coco and glucose mean coconut and fruit respectively. Gentle is the word.

Get rid of the smell Skincare products

Without fragrances tend to be gentler. If you have sensitive skin, or have had allergic reactions to your cleansing products in the past, look for the fragrance free option. Note that there is a difference between unscented products and fragrance free ones. An unscented product is one that hasn’t had a chemical fragrance added to it to cover the smells of the ingredients within the cleanser. A fragrance free product, on the other hand, has had no scent whatsoever added into it.

Liven up your look

Building from a clean, natural foundation, accessories your look with natural makeup and hair products. Ethically sourced Remy hair extensions can be a brilliant way to add natural, lustrous locks in a different style, without waiting for your own hair to grow out. Remy hair extensions are completely natural and (make sure you check the source) are free from chemical treatments of stabilizers, which means they can be styled with heat, dyed, washed and dried just like your own hair. You can visit the official website for more information.


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