Common Health Issues in Women

Posted in Health and Beauty We all are born with different characteristics and traits. Same is the case with women as well. Every lady is unique in herself. But there are certain things that are a bit common in the female section of our society and the most crucial one amongst them is the risk of suffering from some major health related problems. Let’s check out those problems in detail.

Heart is one of the most crucial organs in our body. Any problem in this part of the body is a serious matter of concern for both, male and female. If not in a healthy state, this organ has the ability to end life in a human body. As per reports, heart diseases are responsible around 29 per cent deaths in females. Many a times, the symptoms of this disease are not diagnosed in the female patients. There are various reasons of heart problems in women, such as stress, hypertension, obesity, inactivity, obesity and many more. Without a proper treatment, this disease can result in stroke and heart attack.

Of late, breast cancer has resulted in one per cent of deaths in females. As a very serious issue, it has affected various women. According to the recent research, as the treatment of this disease is getter better day-by-day, its incidence rates are also rising to a great extent. Lifestyle has an important role to play in this case. The modern-day women get married at the later stage of their life which results in getting children late in the life. Their life is full of stress and they are also quite inactive.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

This disease has affected around 10 per cent of the females during their reproductive age. Women suffering from this disease have small cysts formed in their ovaries at the time of ovulation. These cysts cause a terrifying side pains. They can even get infected and ruptured and damage the uterus and fertility of a lady. Females suffering from this disease are more susceptible to acne, weight gain, excess hair growth and abnormal periods.

This disease has affected both the male and female section of the society. But, disproportionately, it has been seen more in females as a threat to their health. Mainly, it has a serious effect on the resiliency and strength of the bones and further leads to the breaking of bones and fracture at a later stage in women.

This disease is very common in females. It affects around 50 per cent of women in comparison to the males. The major reason of its occurrence is the hormonal changes. Apart from this, there are various other reasons, such as sad lifestyle issues, stressful events in life, negligence, or child abuse.

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