Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

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After and after eons of pain and irritation to remove body hair, people are now looking at the permanent solutions for hair removal. One of the leading and most beneficial techniques is laser hair removal. Apart from cosmetic and psychological benefits, the treatment by itself has many positives on the technology side. The following highlights the benefits of permanent hair removal through laser. Here is what you need to know about laser hair removal technique.


 The beam of laser used is narrow thus making the precision factor of laser treatment as high as possible. This precision does not allow damage to the nearby tissues of the skin thus resulting in a safer practice.Speed:One of the most sought after aspects of any treatment is the time factor. Hair removal by laser takes out many hairs at once. The duration is a maximum of six months for a 65%-90% chance of permanent hair removal. This time period in comparison with the other methods for hair removal is drastically less.


 Almost 90% of the people who have undergone a treatment will experience permanent hair loss after a maximum time period of 3-5 sessions. Cosmetic benefits: Your skin will become smoother than before. Permanent removal of hair will ensure a radiant and more beautiful skin. Psychological benefits: Permanent hair removal has more than just cosmetic benefits. It gives you the confidence needed. The importance of hair removal gives personal benefit depending upon each individual’s requirement.

Financial benefits

 Removing your hair regularly by waxing, shaving etc., for a long time will amount to higher than investing in one laser treatment to remove hair. This is a sensible long term solution. Saves time: Hours and hours of time on waxing and shaving, can be cut down by the few sessions in laser hair removal. Lesser pain: Compared to the other techniques in the market, removal of hair by laser is less painful. Although some people might experience pain, they can be subscribed with pain medication. The pain or discomfort caused is the lowest when correlated with the alternative techniques.

Best for the skin in the longer run: Techniques like shaving can result in dryness or flakiness of the skin, while methods which involve pulling out of body hair like waxing or tweezing can cause redness and irritation of skin, removal of hair by laser results in a more beautiful and soft skin. Although some patients might experience allergy or irritation for a few days after treatment, it can be tackled with medication.

Other positives

 Laser hair removal is the second to none option for removal of ingrown hairs that result from constant shaving or waxing. Also, laser hair removal can be done where waxing/shaving is not advisable like the upper lip or any kind of facial hair.

How to get the maximum benefits from laser hair removal:

  1. Do not resort to methods which remove hair by their roots, at least 6 weeks before the treatment.
  2. Shave closely before the treatment starts. It will minimize the pain.
  3. Avoid intake of caffeine for the previous 24 hours.
  4. Update your technician constantly about your pain levels during the treatment, since it can vary from person to person. The technician might change certain settings which may reduce your pain.
  5. Make sure to select the clinic with the most advanced technique to ensure maximum benefits. In this era where technology is constantly updated every second, laser treatment to remove hairs will get better by the day and will continue to provide smooth radiant hair-free skin.

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