A Woman’s Guide to Buy the Right Attar

Woman’s Guide to Buy the Right Attar

Good fragrance is loved by everybody. The first thing that strikes you about a person is the way he or she smells. It helps you to form an opinion about a person from the fragrance they use. Now when it comes to fragrance, the first thing that comes to our mind is that of a perfume or a deodorant. However, there is a much more enchanting world of fragrance – that is the world of attar. Let us delve a little deep to explore one of the most exotic things and learn some little known facts that will fill your hearts with awe.

Attar or Ittr is a highly concentrated perfume. It originates from the Arabian countries. A must have in every Islamic household; Attar is also liked by people of very discerning taste from all over the world. There is a hell of a difference between attar and a perfume in the way it is made, preserved as well as applied. Attars come in small crystal cut bottles and ornamented decanters. It is like magic potions sealed in beautiful miniature bottles.

Woman’s Guide to Buy the Right Attar

Give In To The Overwhelming Fragrance of Attar

Attar are extracts from different aromatic parts of plants and processed with a lot of care and diligent to encapsulate the fragrance that has a lot of healing power apart from making you smell good. Attar also has a very auspicious and cultural significance particularly in Islamic community. It is customary for every Islamic family to keep attar in their house and gift it to the guests as a parting gift.

Attar making is an art and the knowledge to master that art is available to the handful of people who own some priceless techniques handed down to them through generations. Majority of the attar manufacturers in India are running their family business and do not share their art with any outsider. Leave aside the knowledge of how to make attar, it is very difficult for the buyers to be able to identify a genuine attar from a fake one. There are lots of attar supplier in india who deals in all type of attars.

How To Pick The Right Attar

Attars are available online and are often found to be at a very affordable rate. Whereas if you read about the source and process of making certain attars, it will hardly be able to justify the rates in which they are made to be available. Hence it is tricky get your hands on the right kind or a genuine attar.

  • Firstly, the fragrance of attar is very strong and overwhelming and requires just a little bit of dabbing on the pulse points.
  • The first hit of the strong smell mellows down with passage of time giving way to a more soothing fragrance that lingers throughout the day.
  • As opposed to alcohol based perfumes that evaporates within a few hours, the smell of a good attar stays till you take the next shower.
  • Attar is said t have a blend of notes or fragrances that exudes at difference stages of wearing them.
  • The strong smell that hit the nose right after the application is called the head note or top note.
  • After a few minutes of application, the head note give way to the heart or the middle note which further ends into the base note that takes good half an hour from the application time to be able to develop completely.
  • No alcohol based perfume takes you through such a riot of riot of fragrance that is long lasting as well as therapeutic.
  • If you are new to attar, it is advisable to take guidance from a traditional attar manufacturer. Try a few samples, wear it for a day, notice its characteristics and then mane an informed purchasing decision.

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