A Check Before A Steroid Cycle

Check Before A Steroid Cycle

It is a well known fact that steroids give tremendous energy and outstanding stamina. They help to maintain stiff body, strong muscles and perfect figure. This is the very reason for their enormous popularity as great energy boosters. The fact that they are readily available in regular markets in some countries hints us about the kind of craze that they have got in body maintenance. But as every coin has the other side, steroids also come with their own risk factors. Therefore it is important that you properly plan your dosages to attain optimum results.

It is for this reason that they are illegal in some countries. In some others, they are available only with a prescription. So it is always advisable to take an expert advice before starting a cycle. Equipoise is a popular steroid used by body builders to increase body stamina, muscle power and to gain ripped physique. It is mostly used as a veterinary steroid particularly horses to restore energy after a heavy work load. Equipoise is the trade name given for its component Boldenone undecylanate. It is not legal anywhere in the world because of its unsuitability to humans and possible side effects. It is found only in veterinary labs or black markets .Also not

all the countries allow similar dosage because of its non-recommendation by physicians.  Even dosage choices depend on the country you live in. Though it is not legitimate for human usage, the benefits that it provides are many, the reason for which it has been used illegally by body builders. Unless you properly plan your dosages you may not be avoid its reported side effects. It is better to use it as bulk with any other steroid like testosterone.

Check Before A Steroid Cycle

Positive results of Equipoise:

Increase in red blood cells: The role of red blood cells in maintaining healthy body and mind is inarguable. They are crucial elements which transport oxygen to various parts of the body and remove carbon dioxide.

Promotes strong body: It is used as a medicine for muscle diseases and osteoporosis. It promotes strong and lean body and consequently a perfect shape.

Enhances performance:

Equipoise results in increasing performance levels of athletes which is obtained because of strong body. One can use it for a period of 5 months for high level performances but not beyond that.

Better blood circulation: Equipoise results, also known as EQ improves blood circulation to the muscles during rigorous workouts. This in turn is helpful in better functioning of the body and brain.

Improves appetite: It is also known for its quality of improving digestion and appetite. With this, one can consume more amount of nutritious food.

Side effects:

The reported side effects of Equipoise are:

  • It produces unnatural hair growth on the face and chest.
  • It suppresses the production of Testosterone which may lead to less sperm count in men. This may lead to infertility.
  • It also causes acne on various parts of the upper body.
  • Prolonged usage can lead to cardiovascular diseases and increase in blood pressure.
  • In women, it might result in decreasing size of breasts, unwanted body hair, blunt voice, changes in menstrual patterns and other male characteristics.

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