6 Superfoods To Mark Your Muscles

Superfoods To Mark Your Muscles

Surely, the question has ever crossed your mind, why if I do so much exercise I see no results? Proper nutrition is responsible for your muscles to be marked and toned after exercising. To get the most out of what you just did in your workout you need to have a balance in your post workout foods.

It is also very important that you remember that if you do not eat something in the next hour, your body seeks to recover its energy from the muscles, causing them to decrease. A nutritionist and health coach tells us what superfoods can help us mark muscles after exercise.

Superfoods To Mark Your Muscles

Coconut oil: it is very rich in medium chain fatty acids, which aid in cell regeneration. The energy supply of this oil does not occur suddenly, but is released for two hours after its intake, making it not so hungry during the day.

Matcha: this is the whole leaf of ground green tea in a special process. It has a great antioxidant content which will help to cleanse the free radicals of your muscles. It is a potent fat burner and can speed up your metabolism.

Phosphatidylserine: Improves recovery of muscles after exercise, reduces fatigue, helps circulation and therefore helps oxygenation of tissues. The supplement also helps in improving muscle formation as it enhances cell rejuvenation. If you are trying to rebuild leaner muscles then this supplement might help you in the process.

Seeds of chia: Help regulate the appetite as the body takes a while to digest them. They are a source of protein which helps build muscles, provides strength as it helps the resistance of muscle and builder tissue, regulates blood levels and increases energy.

Spirulina: If you are on a vegetarian diet, that seaweed is an excellent source of protein and also balances blood pressure. The performance of athletes can also be benefited as it has a large amount of vitamin B, which plays an important role in energy production.

Acai: It is recommended for athletes to combat the natural oxidation caused by exercise due to its high levels of antioxidants that this fruit possesses. Acai also promotes cardiovascular health and has anticancer properties.

Superfoods are foods that naturally contain large amounts of important nutrients for health. The best way to consume them after a workout is in a shake or smoothie that in addition to helping you regain your muscles will provide you with a good amount of energy.

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